The Roadless Travelers

Portland based classic vintage rock and roll band


Rock with us

Welcome to the Roadless Adventure with The Roadless Travelers! We are a 4-piece band from Northeast Portland, Oregon and we are coming to your place sometime soon!

The Roadless Travelers are: Bill Chapin on Lead Guitar and Vocals, Chris Petryszak on Bass and Vocals, Michael Beach on Drums, Percussion, and Vocals, and Phil Garfinkel on 6 and 12 String Guitar and Vocals.



We play a “live mixtape” of songs you know and love from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s and we put our own twist to them; the basic ethos of the band is “pick a song you love, and play it like it was yours;” it’s what we learned from our musical teachers and idols.

So, strap yourself in for some Roadless Adventure, Fellow Travelers!


Roadless Travelers Yield Sign logo

Roadless Travelers Live with a sweet purple hue